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SUWEDI est une agence spécialisée dans la communication sur Internet et la gestion de l’information multimédia. De l’hébergement à la création de votre site internet en passant par la réalisation de votre cahier des charges et de votre charte graphique, nous vous proposons nos solutions et services numériques - autour de logiciels et d’applications Libres et Open Source - afin de vous aider dans la (...)

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Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique News Maputo "Club of Mozambique is the entryway into Mozambique for prospective investors, businesspersons, (...)

TRC announces 154 positions for SGR project

The Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) has announced 154 new vacant positions for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) that is expected to (...)

Dawasa to collect Sh12bn from next April

The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (Dawasa) expects to collect at least Sh12 billion per month come April, 2019 after (...)

Fish imported into East Africa from China fails toxic minerals (...)

Part of the fish imported into the region from China contains traces of heavy metal, harmful to human health, laboratory investigations (...)

Human bite is not safe, visit the hospital

A 66-year-old man, whose name we will not reveal for ethical reasons, was brought to the hospital after being bitten by his own (...)

Conditions that may affect your driving

“Without my glasses, I can barely drive at night,” Faith Akite said as she drove back one evening with friends.

Reaching people through universal health coverage

With over 70 per cent of Tanzanians lacking health insurance, it was a timely moment for health stakeholders as they marched peacefully (...)

Constitucional chancela falsificação de resultados a favor da (...)

Rejeitou o recurso da Renamo, mas ainda pode investigar a grosseira fraude de Marromeu O Conselho Constitucional (CC) decidiu, em (...)

STV-Jornal da Noite 17.12.2018(video)

Não editado pela STV-SOICO

MPLA está dividido e em "rota de colisão" - Analistas (...)

Declaração de secretário geral criticando prisões de membros do partido mostra "clivagem" As divisões dentro do MPLA estão a (...)

Administrador de Inhassunge pede intervenção do sector de estrada (...)

Os 40 quilômetros de estrada que dão acesso ao local da travessia Inhassunge a Quelimane estão em péssimas condições de transitabilidade. O (...)

Noruega dá mão para reabilitação da Catedral Velha(Quelimane)

Balão de oxigénio para Associação Bons Sinais A Associação Bons Sinais (ABS), deve estar a respirar de alivio neste momento, isso porque, o (...)

Até quando, Moçambique ?


Police Hit by Fabric Shortage For New Uniform

Police are embroiled in a new crisis after being hit by a fabric shortage for the new police uniforms.

Mysterious STD That Can Kill Kenyans in 1 Week

A new sexually transmitted disease has broken out with claims that its patients are likely to succumb to the…

Willy Mutunga’s Special Task in Zimbabwe

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has landed in Zimbabwe on a special peace mission.

Jacque Maribe's Emotional Birthday Poem From Itumbi

Secretary Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications Dennis Itumbi wrote an emotional poem to embattled Citizen TV journalist (...)

EACC Targets Amina, Matiang’i Ministries in Kshs18B Probe

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has now turned its gaze on three ministries which it accuses of embezzling money amounting to (...)

Crucial Evidence Stolen From Swazuri's Office

The graft case against embattled National Land Commission (NLC) chairman Mohammed Swazuri have suffered a major blow after crucial (...)

From union renewal to a self-managed society : Towards an (...)

Trade union renewal is essential but should not be reduced to democratising structures or new recruitment methods. Renewal should (...)

South Africa’s polluting giants : it’s about profits and (...)

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, South Africa falls within the 15 biggest polluters in the world. But there is also a class (...)

Building black working class counter-power against state, capital (...)

... It is to continue to work to build working class power in the country, but what we as anarchists, with the program of anarchism, (...)

A South African revolutionary passes : Jabisile Selby Semela, (...)

Selby Semela, a leading figure in the 1976 revolt against apartheid, political exile, and author (with Sam Thompson and Norman (...)

Reflections on the black consciousness movement and the South (...)

This is a 1979 Situationist-influenced text describing the mass student and worker protests that, in 1976 and 1977, shook apartheid (...)

Tearing racism up from its capitalist roots : An African (...)

Racism has been a curse in South Africa, and remains embedded in the society. But how scientific are racist ideas? Where do they come (...)

UN agencies join fight against GBV in Uganda

The UN Population Fund and UN Women have signed an agreement to implement the Joint Programme on Gender-Based Violence in Uganda. The (...)

Army court acquits three Boda Boda 2010 members

Three jailed members of the Boda Boda 2010 Association have regained their freedom after being acquitted by the General Court Martial. (...)

'This cuts across society' : how singeli music went from (...)

With up to 300 beats per minute, singeli could be the world’s most frenetic music. In Dar es Salaam, its creators explain how it helps (...)

Uganda Cup : KCCA pitted against Amuka as Kyetume takes on (...)

The draws for the 45th edition of the Uganda Cup have seen defending champions pitted against northern Uganda side Amuka Bright Stars, (...)

HQ Trivia, Vine Co-Founder Found Dead

Colin Kroll, a tech executive who was a co-founder of the popular apps HQ Trivia and Vine, was found dead Sunday in New York. Police (...)

Airtel launches “Beera Millionaire” promotion

Airtel Uganda has today launched a brand new countrywide rewards promotion that will give Airtel Uganda subscribers and agents a chance (...)

Two Congolese troops killed by Rwandan rebels : DRC army

Two Congolese soldiers were killed in clashes with Rwandan pro-Hutu rebels after two of their leaders were arrested in an eastern (...)


Kigali, 18 December 2018 Safety and security are the hallmark of the Rwandan tourism experience, and will continue to be our highest (...)

100 bigishijwe gukora imyenda bahita batandukana n'ubushomeri (...)

Abigishijwe gukora imyenda n'uruganda UFACO&VLISCO rubizobereyemo bahamya ko ubuhanga bahakuye bwatumye ruhita rubaha akazi (...)

REG BBC na Patriots BBC mu mukino w'ishiraniro kuri uyu wa (...)

Shampiyona ya basketball irakomeza kuri uyu wa Gatanu tariki 21 Ukuboza 2018, hakinwa umwe mu mikino yitezwe muri shampiyona uzahuza (...)

Nyagatare : Abana baterewe inda mu muhanda ntibakirwa kwa muganga (...)

Abana baba mu mihanda yo mu Mujyi wa Nyagatare batewe inda, bavuga ko babayeho nabi kuko batakirwa kwa muganga batazanye ababyeyi. - (...)

Asanga ibyo yagezeho bikwiye gutuma azamurwa mu cyiciro (...)

Mu gihe benshi baba babyiganira kujya mu cyiciro cya mbere n'icya kabiri by'ubudehe, Nzeyimana Jean Nepomscene wo mu murenge wa (...)

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