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SUWEDI est une agence spécialisée dans la communication sur Internet et la gestion de l’information multimédia. De l’hébergement à la création de votre site internet en passant par la réalisation de votre cahier des charges et de votre charte graphique, nous vous proposons nos solutions et services numériques - autour de logiciels et d’applications Libres et Open Source - afin de vous aider dans la (...)

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Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique News Maputo "Club of Mozambique is the entryway into Mozambique for prospective investors, businesspersons, (...)

Jornal O AUTARCA(Beira) de 15, 19 e 20.11.2018

Leia aqui Download 15 11 2018 Download 19 11 2018 Download 20 11 2018

Grupo Entreposto investe cerca de USD 10 milhões em Cabo (...)

Nos últimos quatro anos o Grupo Entreposto investiu cerca de USD 10 milhões na província de Cabo Delgado, com objectivo de capitalizar as (...)

Novo provedor a caminho de Maputo para reactivar sistema de (...)

O governador do Banco de Moçambique anunciou hoje que técnicos do novo provedor poderão chegar ainda esta semana a Maputo para reactivar o (...)

CTA e AFREXIMBANK anunciam US$25 biliões para financiar empresas (...)

A CTA e o Banco Africano de Exportações e Importações – Afreximbank, anunciaram hoje, em Maputo, a disponibinilidade de uma linha de (...)

Da Maré ao Canindé

Será realizada hoje, 20 de novembro, às 18h00, a abertura da exposição literária e fotográfica "Da Maré ao Canindé: inspiração para as (...)

Projecto Feed the Future anuncia doação a Associação moçambicana

O Governo dos E.U.A. através do Projecto Feed the Future Comércio de Sementes da África Austral anuncia uma doação à Associação para a (...)

Building black working class counter-power against state, capital (...)

... It is to continue to work to build working class power in the country, but what we as anarchists, with the program of anarchism, (...)

A South African revolutionary passes : Jabisile Selby Semela, (...)

Selby Semela, a leading figure in the 1976 revolt against apartheid, political exile, and author (with Sam Thompson and Norman (...)

Reflections on the black consciousness movement and the South (...)

This is a 1979 Situationist-influenced text describing the mass student and worker protests that, in 1976 and 1977, shook apartheid (...)

Tearing racism up from its capitalist roots : An African (...)

Racism has been a curse in South Africa, and remains embedded in the society. But how scientific are racist ideas? Where do they come (...)

Left unity, left cooperation or a working class front (...)

A call for socialist Left unity is heard widely today in South Africa, but is usually taken as a call for unity of praxis (unity in (...)

Alternatives to Capitalism : 1936 – Rise and Fall of the Spanish (...)

In this edition of the Education Series we look at one of the greatest experiments with an alternative to capitalism: the 1936 Spanish (...)

European zoos to send critically endangered rhinos to (...)

Wildlife parks from three European countries are joining forces to send critically endangered eastern black rhinos back to their (...)

Amavubi u23 anyagiriwe i Kinshasa abura itike y'igikombe (...)

Ikipe y'igihugu y'abatarengeje imyaka 23 itsindiwe i Kinshasa na Republika iharanira Demokarasi ya Congo - (...)

Gen Fred Ibingira yasimbuwe ku buyobozi bw'Inkeragutabara (...)

General Fred Ibingira yavanywe ku buyobozi bw'abasirikare bavuye ku rugerero bazwi nk'Inkeragutabara, asimbuzwa Maj Gen Aloys (...)

Made in Rwanda izaziba icyuho cy'imishinga ya EAC yadindiye (...)

Minisitiri Sezibera avuga ko hari imishinga myinshi y'umuryango wa EAC yadindiye irimo uwa Gariyamoshi, uw'amashanyarazi (...)

Urubanza rw'umugore umaze umwaka muri Koma ruzasomwa mu (...)

Urukiko rw' ibanze rwa Kacyiru mu karere ka Gasabo ruzaterana tariki ya 28 Ugushyingo2018, rusoma urubanza ku kirego (...)

Leta yemeje ishyirwaho ry'ikindi gice cyihariye cy'inganda

Nyuma y'uko igice cyihariye cy'inganda cya Masoro kiri mu karere ka Gasabo mu mujyi wa Kigali gitanze umusaruro, u Rwanda ruri (...)

National Under-23 Eager to Turn Tables Against Burundi

[Daily News] NATIONAL Under-23 football team, Head Coach Bakari Shime said they are ready to face Burundi in today's Africa U-23 (...)

Global Coffee Prices Fall By 15%

[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Coffee prices fell by an average of 15 per cent at the world market during the year to September 30, 2018 (...)

Social Media As an Alternative in Tanzanian Politics

[Citizen] The increasing use and adoption of social media platforms in Tanzania such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and (...)

Cashew Nut Traders Stare At Huge Losses As Tanzanian Govt Seizes (...)

[East African] Tanzania's cashew nut traders are staring at huge losses following the government's move to confiscate the (...)

Bleak future for forex business

Suspicions on money laundering and associated illegal transactions is the main reason behind the closure of foreign exchange shops in (...)

Call for protection of Muslim Council constitution and (...)

National Muslim Council of Tanzania (Bakwata) regional secretaries have been directed to protect the organisation’s constitution and (...)

The shocking details about teenagers that got Uhuru mad, what (...)

A facebook post by Standard Newspaper writer Ted Malanda went viral on Tuesday morning and non other than CEO of Kenya Inc that read it (...)

Soccer star McDonald Mariga ‘Dumps’ TV queen Joey Muthengi, to wed (...)

Soccer star McDonald Mariga’s weeding is set for summer 2019 at an exclusive wedding ceremony to be held in Spain, but not to Joey (...)

Speaker Muturi invites DCI, EACC to investigate bribery (...)

National assembly Speaker Justin muturi has invited EACC and directorate of criminal investigations to probe allegations of bribery (...)

Bridge Academies’ candidates shine in KCPE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 20 – Candidates across the country in public and private primary schools continued celebrations following the (...)

DP Ruto dismisses claims that he is campaigning for 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has challenged politician who vie for the country’s top seat in 2022 to be ready to concede defeat if they (...)

Reby Peter Memorial Academy in Nairobi among top performers in (...)

NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 20 –Candidates, parents and teachers continued celebrations countrywide on Tuesday, following the release of Kenya (...)

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