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SUWEDI est une agence spécialisée dans la communication sur Internet et la gestion de l’information multimédia. De l’hébergement à la création de votre site internet en passant par la réalisation de votre cahier des charges et de votre charte graphique, nous vous proposons nos solutions et services numériques - autour de logiciels et d’applications Libres et Open Source - afin de vous aider dans la (...)

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Nyagatare : Abakuze barashinjwa kuba nyirabayazana b'inda (...)

Urubyiruko rwo mu Karere ka Nyagatare rurashinja abagabo bakuze, bafite amikoro kuba aribo batera abana b'abangavu inda. - Urusobe (...)

Wood, Tourism and ICT Exhibitors Shine At the Made in Rwanda Expo (...)

[New Times] The fourth edition of the annual Made in Rwanda Expo 2018 recently concluded with significant interest from many visitors (...)

Udushya tw' ibihangange muri gakondo mu gitaramo (...)


Polisi y'igihugu yitabaje ubufatanye n'abaturage muri iyi (...)

Polisi y'igihugu irasaba abaturage kuyiha amakuru muri iyi minsi mikuru ya Noheli n'Ubunani, kugira ngo hakumirwe ibyaha (...)

Muhire Kevin ashobora gukina umukino wa APR FC na Rayon Sports (...)

Muhire Kevin wari umaze iminsi ari mu igeragezwa mu ikipe ya Misr Lel Makasa, ashobora gukina umukino wo ku wa Gatatu - (...)

Nyamasheke : bwa mbere abatuye ikirwa cya Mushungu babonye ubwato (...)

Abatuye ku kirwa cya Mushungu kiri mu Murenge wa Kirimbi mu Karere ka Nyamasheke babonye ubwato bwa moteri, nyuma y'igihe kinini (...)

‘I can’t breathe’ were Khashoggi’s final words, report says

Washington, United States, Dec 10 – Jamal Khashoggi’s final words were “I can’t breathe,” CNN said Sunday, citing a source who has read the (...)

Kenya Pipeline Company and NHIF top officials in court

NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 10 – More than twenty suspects—mainly top officials of the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) and the National Housing (...)

Details of DPP's Plea Deal Strategy

Details of DPP's Plea Deal Strategy Viral Title DPP's Reason for Being Lenient to Graft Suspects denis Mon, 12/10/2018 - 8:27 (...)

Senior Police Officers Faking Transfers to Earn Higher (...)

Senior Police Officers Faking Transfers to Earn Higher Allowance Viral Title Senior Police Faking Transfers to Earn Higher Allowance (...)

Kenya Scoops First 17 Positions in Standard Chartered Singapore (...)

Kenya Scoops First 17 Positions in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Viral Title Kenyans Scoop Positions 1 to 17 Beating 50k (...)

Egerton university lecturer Kamau Ngotho charged with (...)

A lecturer from Egerton university Douglas Kamau Ngotho was arraigned at the Nakuru law courts to answer to charges related to forgery. (...)

Govt Urged to Utilise Private Sector

[Daily News] THE government has been urged to involve the private sector in the growth and development of agriculture, livestock and (...)

Govt Urged to Provide Training to Game Rangers

[Daily News] THE Burungwe Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Babati District, Manyara Region, has urged the government to provide (...)

Cancer Prevention, Awareness Facility Expands Scope

[Daily News] THE Cancer Prevention and Awareness Camp (PrevAcamp) has expanded its scope having this time pitched a camp at Arusha (...)

Tltb Cleared of Tax Avoidance Claims

[Daily News] THE Court of Appeal has cleared the Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company Limited (TLTB) of claims of tax avoidance in two loan (...)

Private Schools Told to Abide By Guidelines, Rules

[Daily News] PRIVATE schools have been reminded to abide by guidelines and the national curriculum with focus on science and (...)

RCs Directed to Ensure Eligible Pupils Join Secondary Education (...)

[Daily News] STATE Minister in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) has directed regional (...)

STV-Jornal da Noite 09.12.2018(video)

Noticiário e comentários. Não editado pela STV-SOICO

TVMiramar-Resenha Semanal 09.12.2018(video)

Nova farda da PRM e Lobolo

Pacto de Migração da ONU - "O Pacto de Suicídio das (...)

O "Compacto global para uma migração segura e regular" - Faith Goldy. Quando as "elites globalistas" começam a perder (...)

Insurgência em Cabo Delgado : 194 mortos em 14 meses de (...)

Passam-se hoje 428 dias desde que na madrugada de 5 de Outubro de 2017, uma quinta-feira, Mocímboa da Praia e mais 6 distritos de Cabo (...)

Semanário Savana nº 1300 de 07.12.2018

Leia aqui Download Savana 1300_07.12.2018

Tenho que admitir que algo não está bem na Imprensa moçambicana (...)

Samora Machel Júnior é e sempre foi nosso compatriota. Ele sofreu tudo que se sabe aqui em Moçambique. Falou-se pouco sobre isso. Mal que (...)

Parliament wants MP Mudimi prosecuted over Bududa land

MPs want their fellow MP, Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi (Elgon County) prosecuted for his alleged irregular involvement in a Shs 4.2 billion (...)

Sue Ochola sizzles in handmade SKP creation at Asfas

It was all about slayage at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards held at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Friday. The question on the red (...)

Who was Bisase, the man behind the ill-fated boat (...)

The graves are still fresh, the overflowing flowers wilted by the scorching sunshine that persisted during the week that Ugandans (...)

China’s Huawei, a Big Tech Seller Globally, Runs Afoul of (...)

The recent arrest of a top Huawei executive in Canada has put a spotlight — again — on the Chinese telecommunications giant. Huawei (...)

Afghan Village Uses Live Rockets to Build Homes, Bridges

For decades in a small village in northern Afghanistan’s Balkh province, dozens of families have lived in one- and two-story houses made (...)

UPDF intensifies operation against overloaded boats

KANYERE HAKIM The UPDF Fisheries Protectorate Unit has intensified operations to impound over loaded boats on L.Victoria. A number of (...)

South Africa’s polluting giants : it’s about profits and (...)

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, South Africa falls within the 15 biggest polluters in the world. But there is also a class (...)

Building black working class counter-power against state, capital (...)

... It is to continue to work to build working class power in the country, but what we as anarchists, with the program of anarchism, (...)

A South African revolutionary passes : Jabisile Selby Semela, (...)

Selby Semela, a leading figure in the 1976 revolt against apartheid, political exile, and author (with Sam Thompson and Norman (...)

Reflections on the black consciousness movement and the South (...)

This is a 1979 Situationist-influenced text describing the mass student and worker protests that, in 1976 and 1977, shook apartheid (...)

Tearing racism up from its capitalist roots : An African (...)

Racism has been a curse in South Africa, and remains embedded in the society. But how scientific are racist ideas? Where do they come (...)

Left unity, left cooperation or a working class front (...)

A call for socialist Left unity is heard widely today in South Africa, but is usually taken as a call for unity of praxis (unity in (...)

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