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The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front, or ZACF – Zabalaza meaning ‘struggle’ in isiZulu and isiXhosa – is a specific anarchist political organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a unitary organisation – or federation of individuals, as opposed to a federation of collectives – whereby membership is on an individual basis, by invitation only. This is because we have seen – through our own experience, as well as that of global anarchism historically – that we can accomplish more as an organisation, and be more effective, when our members share a certain level of theoretical and strategic unity, and collective responsibility. Our activities include study and theoretical development, anarchist agitation and propaganda, and participation within the class struggle.

“From each according to ability, to each according to need.”

Articles référencés

Anarchism’s relevance to black and working class strategy : (...)

The anarchist tradition – including syndicalism,anarchist trade unionism – provides a coherent approach to issues of strategy, tactics (...)

Rebuilding the workers’ movement for counter-power, justice and (...)

We need a serious discussion on how to reform the unions – still the largest, formal, class-based organisations – and what role they can (...)

VIDEO : What is it all about ? Join the Zabalaza Anarchist (...)


A case for anarchist class analysis : Why it works better than (...)

The purpose of this pamphlet is giving a coherent, comparative analysis on how anarchists and Marxists view the concept of “class,” and (...)

A ZACF anarchist in the Landless People’s Movement, South Africa : (...)

Lekhetho Mtetwa, a member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) discusses his role in the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), (...)

A glimmer of hope : The extraordinary story of a revolution (...)

For the past few years, most people would have come across news stories of how Kurdish fighters in Syria, especially women, have been (...)

Surviving Zimbabwe : An anarchist critique

This article, with the guidance of anarchism as a theory, provides a critical analysis of Zimbabwe and its current state, arguing (...)

A workers’ party and elections, or class struggle ? The question (...)

The question of state government elections and running a workers or Socialist political party continues to be raised in the working (...)

From union renewal to a self-managed society : Towards an (...)

Trade union renewal is essential but should not be reduced to democratising structures or new recruitment methods. Renewal should (...)

South Africa’s polluting giants : It’s about profits and (...)

When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, South Africa falls within the 15 biggest polluters in the world. But there is also a class (...)

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