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Women in Tech Profile : Phindi Mazibuko, Director of Service Delivery in MEA at (...)

It’s still Women’s Month and we continue to celebrate women breaking the glass ceiling in technology. These are Women in Tech who persistently empower other women and dominate the industry. For the (...)

South African engineers gamify the golfing industry

Smart tracking gamification platform, Inrange been successfully installed at Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range in London as well as the Leadbetter Academy World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. (...)

Women in Tech Profile : PaySpace MD, Sandra Crous

Women have fundamentally been at the back-burner of hard and soft skills within the workspace and not highlighting their strengths, especially when it comes to technology. In celebration of South (...)

The importance of AV equipment in a modern day classroom

As the use of technology has peaked over the years, it has had an impact on many sectors including the education sector. In recent times, it has been noted that children learn and assimilate more (...)

List of games launching with the Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis Mini is an upcoming ‘mini’ version of Sega’s classic 16-bit video game console, the Sega Genesis, which was originally released in 1989. The Sega Genesis Mini is the latest console (...)

Cyber exposure company launches new network monitoring innovations

Cyber exposure company, Tenable announced the launch of their new product innovations and on Thursday, 15 August 2019. These products aim to continuously discover and assess (...)

Infinidat cryptographic module achieves Federal Security validation

Infinidat, a multi-petabyte data storage solutions company, recently announced that its cryptographic module for the InfiniBox and InfiniGuard has been awarded Federal Information Processing (...)

Kaspersky announces opening of first Transparency Centre in Asia

Global security company, Kaspersky announced the opening of its first Transparency Centre in Asia Pacific on Thursday, 15 August 2019. This is the third facility of its kind launched by (...)

Financial inclusion startup, uKheshe, gains seed funding

Fintech company uKheshe recently announced the completion of its first seed investment round. uKheshe was initially under incubation as a CSI initiative within Jini.Guru, a software development (...)

EA and Ghost Games reveal new Need for Speed game

Need for Speed (NFS) is a popular racing game franchise published by EA Games and currently being developed by Ghost Games. Need for Speed has been an almost-annual release since the first game (...)

Johannesburg gets ready for 5th Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2019

It is that time of the year again, when healthcare professionals, industry experts and leaders gather to discuss the impact of emerging technologies on their industry. Taking place at the (...)
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