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Australian House Committee to examine 5G deployment

The committee will examine the opportunities and challenges of 5G in Australia.

NBN connectivity expands to ATMs, traffic, transport, and environment infrastructure

Network Extensions will initially only be available on fibre-to-the-node.

Ubisoft to send out cease & desist requests to DDoS-for-hire services

Because all cybercriminals are law-abiding citizens and have a legal department.

Cloud at the centre of ANZ's agile approach to customer-focused banking

The blue bank has touted breaking its ambitious customer-focused plans up into small pieces, leveraging Google Cloud to make that a reality.

Kubernetes’ next step could be to try orchestrating everything else

Custom Resource Definitions sounds not only innocuous but like something a dungeon master brings to a role-playing party. But if CRD can cast a spell on the data center, virtual machines, big (...)

GitHub security alerts now support PHP projects

GitHub is now also a CVE CNA and can issue its own CVE numbers for bugs disclosed in projects hosted on the platform.

Microsoft acquires code-analysis platform vendor Semmle

Microsoft plans to more tightly integrate Semmle's security products with the GitHub product line.

Windows Defender malware scans are failing after a few seconds

Windows Defender "Quick" and "Full" scans stop after a few files and a few seconds.

Getting a new iPhone 11 on Friday ? Here's how to ensure a smooth upgrade

Getting a new iPhone 11 this Friday? Here's what you need to do to make the switch as painless as possible, whether you use the iPhone for business or (...)

Exclusive deal : Save $100 on Swellpro's Spry waterproof drone with this (...)

Wellbots is offering ZDNet readers an exclusive discount on its top-selling drone.

Huawei eyes AI prowess, invests in compute power

Chinese tech giant unveils ambitious plans to build the architecture needed to meet growing demand for more compute power and artificial intelligence, pledging to do so on an "open" (...)

Is the world ready for cross-platform quantum programming ?

Harvard's Prineha Narang and colleagues hit upon a neat way to compile programs to emerging "noisy" quantum systems, and now they've commercialized the work in a startup Aliro. (...)

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