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Letters From the April 1, 2019, Issue

Our Readers The post Letters From the April 1, 2019, Issue appeared first on The Nation.

Venezuela’s Deadly Blackout Highlights the Need for a Negotiated (...)

Gabriel Hetland Maduro is corrupt and increasingly repressive, but US sanctions and violence by the US-supported opposition have (...)

How AMLO Is Taking on Mexico’s Billion-Dollar Gasoline (...)

Kurt Hackbarth, Colin Mooers For years, the country’s war on illicit activity has only encouraged more violence. Its new president has a (...)

Progressives Are Starting to Define a New Realism for Our (...)

Katrina vanden Heuvel The weakest response of Democrats to Trump would be to defend the old foreign-policy consensus. The post (...)

US Immigration Is Stuck in the Stone Age—and It’s Putting Lives In (...)

Daniel Moattar In Trump’s America, paperwork can be lethal. The post US Immigration Is Stuck in the Stone Age—and It’s Putting Lives In (...)

The End of Our World Order Is Imminent

Alfred McCoy At least 200 empires have risen and fallen over the course of history, and the United States will be no exception. The (...)

Trump’s Other ‘National Emergency’ : Sanctions That Kill (...)

Mark Weisbrot The humanitarian crisis will get rapidly worse if the most recent sanctions continue. The post Trump’s Other ‘National (...)

Salvador Allende le ofrece una salida a Maduro

Ariel Dorfman El fallecido presidente chileno comparte algunos consejos desde más allá de la tumba. The post Salvador Allende le ofrece (...)

Trump’s Time-Travel Adventure

Tom Tomorrow One man’s incompetence is another man’s principled discipline. The post Trump’s Time-Travel Adventure appeared first on The (...)

Gen. Simón Bolívar, Latin America’s Liberator, Has Advice for the US (...)

Ariel Dorfman Trump may be an awful president, but the military has no more right to overthrow him in a coup than he does to overthrow (...)

How the Failure of Our Foreign Wars Fueled Nativist Fanaticism

Greg Grandin For nearly two centuries, US politicians have channeled extremism outward. But the frontier is gone, the empire is (...)

Salvador Allende Offers a Way Out for Venezuela’s Maduro

Ariel Dorfman Chile’s dead president has some advice from beyond the grave. The post Salvador Allende Offers a Way Out for Venezuela’s (...)

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