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Caravan Migrants Carry Hopes Northward as Their Journey (...)

Madeleine Wattenbarger Fleeing poverty and violence, three young men from Honduras join thousands who dream of better lives in the (...)

4 Years After the Forced Disappearance of 43 Students, a Father (...)

John Washington The disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa is not over for Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño. The post 4 Years (...)

Education Is in the Crosshairs in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Michael Fox The president-elect seeks to ban from the classroom political opinions, debates, and any issues that could be construed as (...)

Why the Refugee Caravan Is So Big—and What We Need to Do About (...)

Laura Carlsen “Central America just couldn’t take it anymore.” The post Why the Refugee Caravan Is So Big—and What We Need to Do About It (...)

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Supercharged Right-Wing Cultural (...)

Greg Grandin The new president-elect is an agent of the world’s most reactionary tendencies, many of them exported from the United (...)

A Letter to Brazil, From a Friend Living Under Duterte

Walden Bello Brazil is on the verge of electing a Duterte-style fascist. What can the left do? The post A Letter to Brazil, From a (...)

Brazil’s Northeastern Resistance

Kaspar Loftin Brazil’s northeast overwhelmingly rejected Bolsonaro’s far-right agenda; now leftists worry that they aren’t welcome in (...)

A Genuine Fascist Is on the Verge of Power in Brazil

Andy Robinson Jair Bolsonaro, now far ahead in the polls, approves military dictatorship and has called for violent destruction of the (...)

Mexico’s Discount-Health-Care Problem

Julie Morse Affordable clinic–pharmacies have vastly expanded health-care access for Mexicans. They’ve also bred a dangerous attitude (...)

How Lula’s Legacy Hurts His Party’s Prospects

Omar G. Encarnación The grand ambitions of the former Brazilian president planted the seeds for the Workers’ Party current woes. The post (...)

The Mystery Deepens on Those ‘Immaculate Concussion’ Illnesses in (...)

Peter Kornbluh One thing is certain—the downsized US embassy has made it harder for diplomats to cover new developments there. The post (...)

The Eco-Disastrous Salmon

Cédric Gouverneur Farmed salmon is Chile’s second-biggest export. Twice, it’s proved an environmental hazard. The post The Eco-Disastrous (...)

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