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Russiagate Zealotry Continues to Endanger American National (...)

Stephen F. Cohen If Venezuela becomes a Cuban Missile–like Crisis, will Trump be free to resolve it peacefully? The post Russiagate (...)

Trump Promised Restraint but Has Delivered More Calamitous (...)

Katrina vanden Heuvel He is sowing chaos and intervening from Yemen to Iran to Venezuela and beyond. The post Trump Promised Restraint (...)

Ecuador’s Crackdown on Abortion Is Putting Women in Jail

Zoë Carpenter For decades, abortion was considered a private matter. Now, a Nation investigation shows, women who terminate—or (...)

Once Again, Mainstream Media Get It Wrong on Venezuela

Michael Fox Foreign outlets, dutifully supporting Trump administration calls for regime change, reported that a widespread uprising was (...)

Las Comadres Is Fighting to Make Abortion Safe in Ecuador—Even (...)

Zoë Carpenter The group represents a new tactic in abortion-rights activism, which skirts legal restrictions and the often risky (...)

The Trump Administration Is Launching a New Round of Aggression (...)

Peter Kornbluh And this time, they’re celebrating the Bay of Pigs invasion as they do it. The post The Trump Administration Is Launching (...)

The Making and Unmaking of Brazilian Democracy

Alex Cuadros A new one-volume history of Brazil reminds us, despite its Whiggish orientation, that democratic institutions in the (...)

Paco Taibo’s Republic of Readers

Marc Cooper Mexico’s de facto culture minister wants to remake his society—starting with books. The post Paco Taibo’s Republic of Readers (...)

The Political Lives of Mario Vargas Llosa

Patrick Iber How Peru’s greatest novelist went from socialist to neoliberal ideologue. The post The Political Lives of Mario Vargas (...)

She Helped Convict Her Rapist. ICE Deported Her Anyway.

Isabela Dias Nancy applied for a visa designed for undocumented victims of crimes, but that couldn’t keep her in the US. The post She (...)

Letters From the April 1, 2019, Issue

Our Readers The post Letters From the April 1, 2019, Issue appeared first on The Nation.

Venezuela’s Deadly Blackout Highlights the Need for a Negotiated (...)

Gabriel Hetland Maduro is corrupt and increasingly repressive, but US sanctions and violence by the US-supported opposition have (...)

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