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Time to Fundamentally Rethink What Trump Means by Security

2/06 | Katrina vanden Heuvel The challenge for his successor will be how to dig out from the rubble. The post Time to Fundamentally Rethink (...)

Cuba Has Sent 2,000 Doctors and Nurses Overseas to Fight Covid-19

22/05 | Ed Augustin The Trump administration describes Cuba’s medical response teams as “slaves”—we asked the doctors for their take. The post Cuba (...)

Is Mexico’s ‘Mayan Train’ a Boondoggle ?

22/05 | Meaghan Beatley, Sam Edwards Opponents warn that it will not only devastate the Yucatán’s ecosystem but also trigger unsustainable (...)

Covid-19 Is Forcing an Exodus From Peru’s Cities

11/05 | Musuk Nolte, The Nation, Magnum Foundation On the streets of Lima, hundreds of thousands of people have started walking back to their (...)

How Poetry Can Bear Witness to Crisis and Revolution

22/04 | John Washington We talked to Carolyn Forché about her first book of poetry in 17 years. The post How Poetry Can Bear Witness to Crisis (...)

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Is Bonkers—but There’s a Method to His Madness

22/04 | Andy Robinson He’s the only head of state able to out-Trump Trump in sheer recklessness and social-networked delirium. The post Brazil’s (...)

Refugees in the Time of Covid-19

21/04 | Arun Gupta, Michelle Fawcett Fleeing gangs and stalked by violence, thousands of asylum-seekers trapped in Mexico now face the (...)

Trump’s Pandemic Priorities ? Incite Violence, Increase Pollution.

21/04 | Sasha Abramsky That, plus more deportations—of coronavirus-exposed refugees. The post Trump’s Pandemic Priorities? Incite Violence, (...)

‘The President Is Not a King’ : NY Attorney General Tish James

17/04 | Sasha Abramsky Governors, mayors, and attorneys general set the agenda, as Trump’s malignancy, like the coronavirus, grows (...)

Confronting the Pandemic in a Time of Revolt : Voices From Chile

6/04 | Ariel Dorfman Surviving the coronavirus will be meaningless if Chileans do not simultaneously address the underlying causes of (...)

Covid-19 : Cuba Deserves Relief From US Sanctions

31/03 | Peter Kornbluh Humanitarian deterrence of the virus, not Cold War–era regime change, should be the top priority of US foreign policy. (...)

Honduras’s Deadly Water Wars

24/03 | Jared Olson In the lush Bajo Aguán valley, successive land and water conflicts have left over 150 people dead. And the fight is not over (...)


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Can't Go Out and Protest ? Here's How to Help From Home

  6/06 | Whether you're trying to maintain your social distance or just looking for other ways to speak up, here are some other ideas on how (...)

Philadelphia man freed after 23 years on death row for murder he didn’t commit

  6/06 | Walter Ogrod, 55, walked out of prison Friday.

European Union hoping to reopen internal borders by July, would extend outside (...)

  6/06 | Brexit, schmexit.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals (and Which Model to Pick)

  6/06 | Should you buy Samsung’s Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra? Here's what you need to know before you shell out a (...)

White teens start ‘George Floyd challenge’ mocking his death

  6/06 | The death of George Floyd has sparked outrage and protest but some white teens have created a challenge in which they mock his death. (...)

California governor ends police training in 'sleeper hold'

  6/06 | California Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered the state police training program to stop teaching officers how to use a hold that can block (...)
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