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Why Kenya must take control of sand harvesting off its (...)

Kenya needs a national strategic environmental assessment which focuses on the use of sand for large scale (...)

What African countries can do about ensuring safer surgery

Research found that only a quarter of anaesthetists working in main referral hospitals in East Africa used the WHO safe surgical (...)

Fixing South Africa's public schools : lessons from a (...)

Universities have both a responsibility and a degree of potential influence on public schooling that set them apart and impose a (...)

Drug-resistant TB : a new study offers new hope

New research shows that the treatment of drug resistant-TB can be reduced from the current duration of 20 to 24 months to less than a (...)

TB doesn't only attack the lungs — other organs are also (...)

TB outside the lungs accounted for 14% of TB cases recorded globally in 2017.

South Africa kicks the can down the road on captive predator (...)

While the international conservation community unites against the captive breeding of big cats in South Africa, the government (...)

A look at how India's Africa strategy is working

India does not have an official Africa policy, even though it has been engaging with the continent for over six (...)

What we learnt from young South Africans about the minimum wage (...)

A national minimum wage could benefit young people who have jobs and stimulate those who have given up trying to find work. But those (...)

Major battles have been won against TB. But the war isn't (...)

In Southern Africa, high rates of HIV infection have been the primary driver of TB

Tropical cyclone Idai : The storm that knew no boundaries

The recent storms provide a grim reminder of the prospect of future tropical cyclones in a region under continued threat from climate (...)

Pasha 11 : Sexually transmitted infections in South Africa

Why it's important South Africa doesn't ignore sexually transmitted infections.

Universities must stop relying on software to deal with (...)

These programmes allow institutions to claim they're doing something without really tackling the issues that lead students to (...)

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