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Rwanda, part 3 : A genocide forgiven, but not forgotten

With its tidy streets, buzzing nightclubs, and economic opportunities, Rwanda is considered to be one of Africa’s most promising (...)

Rwanda, part 2 : What humanitarians need to remember 25 years (...)

The 1994 Rwandan genocide led to soul-searching among the diplomatic, human rights, and humanitarian communities. The aid response was (...)

Prison or deportation : The impossible choice for asylum seekers (...)

Just two months from now, the Israeli government says it will begin indefinitely imprisoning asylum seekers who refuse deportation. (...)

The Grinch’s not-so-festive guide to food ration cuts

Across much of the world, the festive season is a time of indulgence. But what if you’re too busy fleeing violence and upheaval, or (...)

Rwandans feel the pinch as Burundi fallout hits home

Walking through Kimironko market in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, you wouldn’t necessarily realise its traders were struggling. (...)

How a city in Tanzania holds the key to peace in Burundi

At some stage, both sides in Burundi’s increasingly bloody political crisis are likely to be sitting across the table from one another (...)

Uganda feels the strain of the Burundi crisis

For the past three years, the war raging across Uganda’s northern border in South Sudan has been pushing its refugee-hosting abilities (...)

Congo’s forgotten war : The militia of Mambasa

In spite of the death more than a year ago of key commander Paul Sadala, known as “Morgan”, his Simba militia continue to wreak havoc in (...)

As body count mounts, Burundi talks ever more urgent

Once again, photos of bodies, some of them bound, on the streets of Burundi’s capital have travelled the world. All the more shocking (...)

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