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Nigeria’s child detainees, Myanmar’s ‘out of control’ military, and a ‘safe zone’ in Syria : The (...)

Our editors’ weekly take on humanitarian news, trends, and developments from around the globe. On our radar Nigeria’s child detention camp The Nigerian military stands accused of arbitrarily (...)

EU-Rwanda plan : Another short-sighted answer to Libya migration crisis

After deadly airstrikes and attacks on migrant detention centres in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, the European Union has come up with a new plan to evacuate vulnerable migrants and refugees stranded (...)

We can’t stop Congo’s Ebola outbreak until communities lead the response

One year into the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the epidemic is accelerating. There have been more new cases in the last three months than the previous nine – an average (...)

Mental health - the lasting scars of crisis

Mental scars from conflict and crises may linger for years, holding back the recovery of individuals and whole communities. <![CDATA[/* ><!]]>*/ The World Health Organisation (...)

Rwanda, part 4 : The ‘reconciliation villages’ where genocide survivor and perpetrator live side (...)

For Tutsis who survived the Rwanda genocide or watched as their loved ones were slaughtered or raped, reconciling with the Hutu attackers once seemed unimaginable. <![CDATA[/* (...)

Rwanda, part 3 : A genocide forgiven, but not forgotten

With its tidy streets, buzzing nightclubs, and economic opportunities, Rwanda is considered to be one of Africa’s most promising countries – especially for young people. <![CDATA[/* (...)

Rwanda, part 2 : What humanitarians need to remember 25 years on

The 1994 Rwandan genocide led to soul-searching among the diplomatic, human rights, and humanitarian communities. The aid response was found to be poorly coordinated, politically adrift, and (...)

Prison or deportation : The impossible choice for asylum seekers in Israel

Just two months from now, the Israeli government says it will begin indefinitely imprisoning asylum seekers who refuse deportation. IRIN Middle East Editor Annie Slemrod explores what this means (...)

The Grinch’s not-so-festive guide to food ration cuts

Across much of the world, the festive season is a time of indulgence. But what if you’re too busy fleeing violence and upheaval, or stuck in a refugee camp on reduced rations? It’s been a hard year (...)


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