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How the lockdown has affected people’s salon routines

  6/06 | Unlike before where hanging out with friends at a favourite hotel, merry making at the beach or even visiting the salon for a haircut (...)

Why your sofas need throw-ons

  6/06 | If you are the kind that loves visiting, you must have noted that many people stop at buying sofas, a coffee table and dining table, (...)

Let your sleeves do the talking

  6/06 | And that is what sleeves were invented for- to do the style talking for you or make a statement

After getting upset, what next ?

  6/06 | Suddenly, the head of state was making the announcement and, boom, a lockdown was announced

Parenting dilemmas men are experiencing in the lockdown

  6/06 | Ronnie Prince Mukombe says the lockdown has made him feel a pinch on his finances, especially considering the amount of food his family (...)

Coping with forced leave in these hard times

  6/06 | Fred Muhumuza, a senior economist says one of the ways of coping is to cut your expenses immediately

Are we losing the battle against fistula ?

  6/06 | Women who are lucky to get corrective surgery in fistula camps or in hospitals do not have follow-up visits from medical (...)

It's 2021 or never for Tokyo, confirms senior Olympic official

  6/06 | The Belgian was reiterating the stance put forward by Japan and International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach that next year was (...)

Single in the City : The pain of nursing a heartbreak

  6/06 | He talked about family and the number of children he wanted.

I always wanted to be famous- Rucci

  6/06 | At an early age, Isaac Rucci forfeited everything for a music career. For more than 25 years, he was part of the legendary trio, Isaac, (...)

I mourn not Kirunda but our sense of belonging

  6/06 | Every life matters, but for a man who captained and managed our national team to die the way he did just doesn’t sit right. And (...)

Passengers stranded as taxis flout rules

  6/06 | Passengers revealed that many taxi operators were violating the set transport guidelines


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Black Lives Matter protests continue on 3 continents

  7/06 | Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday in cities far from the United States to express their anger over the death of George (...)

Over 600 flee Cameroon hospitals as COVID-19 cases increase

  6/06 | Cameroon says hundreds of hospital patients have fled health facilities after a jump in cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the (...)

Kisoro couple perish in accident en route to scientific wedding

  6/06 | A couple has perished in a motor accident on its way to attend a scientific wedding in Kisoro district. Hillary Namanya, the programs (...)

9 more Ugandan health workers test positive for COVID-19

  6/06 | Uganda has confirmed 36 new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, bringing the number of total confirmed cases in the country to 593. (...)

IN THE INDEPENDENT : We want elections on time !

  6/06 | Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | These are the top stories in this week’s THE INDEPENDENT. COVER STORY We want 2021 elections (...)

Museveni fires National ID boss Gama

  6/06 | Judy Obitre-Gama, the executive director of National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has been ordered to vacate office (...)
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