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SUWEDI is a company dedicated to web communication and multimedia information management. From the hosting to the creation of your website, through the realization of your specifications and of your graphic charter, we offer our digital solutions and services - build around Free and Open Source software and applications - to assist you in the success of your online (...)

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Your Suwedi website

300000 Frw
35000 Ksh
The complete installation of your SPIP site with the template Suwedi Template. Your turnkey website in one day! Once this service is completed, your site is online and fully (...)

Your custom SPIP site

865000 Frw
96500 Ksh
Your custom SPIP site: Complete integration with an Internet site’s SPIP Integration of the term graph of an Internet site with the SPIP content manager. The HTML template (or graphic template (...)

My Wordpress website

150000 Frw
17000 Ksh
Secure installation of Wordpress on your server Configuring Wordpress and your site Installing and configuring security tools Installation of legal pages Installing and configuring a (...)

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Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique News Maputo "Club of Mozambique is the entryway into Mozambique for prospective investors, businesspersons, (...)

 Suwedi Mediarezo

Suwedi is a creation of websites and content agency. Suwedi.com is also a "Mediarezo". Still in the testing phase, it will reference numbers sites classified by themes and places. Feel free (...)
 A participatory information website


Ibitaro bya Kirehe byabonye icyuma gikora umwuka w'abarwayi (...)

Ubuyobozi bw'ibitaro bya Kirehe buvuga ko miliyoni mirongo ine bwaguraga umwuka w'abarwayi azajya agurwa imiti kuko bamaze (...)

Côte d'Ivoire: Amavubi yakoze imyitozo ku kibuga azakiniraho (...)

Ku gicamunsi cyo kuri uyu wa Gatanu, ikipe y'igihugu y'u Rwanda yakoze imyitozo kuri Stade Félix Houphouet Boigny, ari ho (...)

Ibiciro bito, ifumbire, imiti n'imbuto bitabonekera igihe, (...)

Nubwo hari byinshi bikorwa mu guteza imbere ubuhinzi n'ubworozi nka kimwe mu byagirira akamaro abaturage n'igihugu muri (...)

Ubufatanye buri mu bituma ivugururamibereho rigerwaho #Rwanda via (...)

Abiga n'abigisha iby'ivugururamibereho, Social Work, bavuga ko ubufatanye buri mu bituma ababayeho nabi na bo bagera ku buzima (...)

Ikiraro gishya gihuza u Rwanda na Congo cyatangiye gukoreshwa (...)

Nyuma y'imyaka isaga itatu cyuzuye, ikiraro gishya gihuza umupaka w'u Rwanda na Repubulika Iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo ku (...)

Nyanza: Bahangayikishijwe no kutagira ubwishingizi bw'ibyangirikiy

Ubuyobozi bw'ishuri ryigisha imyuga Nyanza Technical School (NTS) ryo mu Karere ka Nyanza buravuga ko Leta ikwiye gutera inkunga (...)

STV-Jornal da Noite 22.03.2019(video)

Ciclone IDAI e comentários de Tomaz Vieira Mário. Não editado pela STV-SOICO

Uma vergonha...mas com recibo


OS PONTOS de Fernando Lima nº 110(15.03.2019)(video)


Descoberta das dívidas ilegais da Proindicus, EMATUM e MAM “foram (...)

A descoberta das dívidas ilegais da Proindicus, EMATUM e MAM “foram o melhor trambolhão que podia ter acontecido a Moçambique nos últimos (...)

Editorial: tragédia anunciada, Idaí?

Nunca se está preparado para um Ciclone de categoria 4. A medida que as telecomunicações são restabelecidas é possível ver o terror (...)

Ciclone IDAI - Entrevista com o Prof. Eng. Álvaro Carmo (...)

Entrevista à Rádio Mais (Boaventura Mandlate), sobre as recentes cheias e o ciclone na Beira e que foi difundida na manhã de 19 de Março. (...)

Magazine: This Weekend We’re Watching

Follow the brave Captain Heart on his adventure to ensure bladder relief despite an unconscious body.

OPINIONISTA: Put the squeeze on Apartheid Israel – do not succumb (...)

As a South African anti-apartheid activist, of Jewish descent I look with horror on the forthcoming Israeli elections and their likely (...)

Days of Zondo: Fikile ‘Fearfokkol’ Mbalula tripped up by semantics (...)

Former Cabinet minister Fikile Mbalula has denied withholding key information about the Gupta hand in his appointment as the Minister (...)

Newsdeck: Bangladesh blocks access to Al Jazeera news (...)

The Bangladesh government blocked Al Jazeera's English language website hours after it published an article on Wednesday detailing (...)

Analysis: Ramaphosa’s NPA investigative unit: An unknown (...)

President Cyril Ramaphosa signed a proclamation this week to establish a new anti-corruption unit within the NPA. It was a compromise (...)

Newsdeck: 26.75m – IEC records highest number of registered voters (...)

The Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) has had its voters' roll certified and the number of eligible voters stands at 26.75m – (...)

Why the national dress continues to be elusive

Clothing make a man, so they say. It is a form of identity that a folk costume expresses an identity through which is usually (...)

Why collaborations are more successful

When Bongo Flava artiste Diamond Platinumz released Number One in 2013 it was just another Bongo Flava song and not many expected it to (...)

Hub connecting Africa’s creatives

Filmmakers in Tanzania now have something to smile about after an online portal was unveiled where they will be able to interact with (...)

Make access to clean water sustainable, stakeholders (...)

Dar es Salaam. WaterAid Tanzania has called for sustainable access to clean water for all, and stronger protection against overuse and (...)

OPINION: Sexual science, pornography and technology

Two international sex stories interested me, recently.

OPINION: The state of the world’s water

Today, Friday 22 March, is World Water Day – a day to raise awareness of the global water crisis and urge stakeholders to take (...)

The Galole fruit processing plant in dire need of raw (...)

The Galole Multi-Purpose Fruit Processing Plant is in dire need of raw materials to operate at maximum capacity. Coast Development (...)

State Department for Cooperatives seeks to unmask corrupt (...)

The State Department for Cooperatives is seeking the service of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in a bid to unmask Sacco (...)

Kilimani spiderman arrested for breaking into houses

Police in Kilimani have arrested Michael Joseph Otieno a man who had been nicknamed Spiderman for scaling walls and breaking into (...)

Harambee Stars Players Stage Protest Over Ethiopian Airlines (...)

Two senior players asked the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to change their flight before...

Police Seize Dozens of Stolen Laptops in Nairobi

Police officers in Nairobi seized dozens of stolen laptops at a city shop and are now appealing to anyone who lost their device to show (...)

How Cop Rescued Woman From 2 Rape Attempts

Reports indicated that the young lady from Luanda, Western Kenya had been invited by a relative who was to help her (...)

Six dead, eight injured in Gulu highway accident

Six people died on spot and eight others got critically injured in an accident that occurred along the Kampala-Gulu highway last night. (...)

Uganda Airlines pilots to earn Ugx 42m monthly salary

Twelve pilots of the awaited Uganda Airlines planes will each earn 42 million Shillings every ......READ (...)

Hundreds of thousands of Algerians rally against Bouteflika

Hundreds of thousands of Algerians rallied on Friday to demand the immediate resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who is (...)

Aid workers in Africa challenged by aftermath of Cyclone (...)

Aid workers were confronted with chaos and pleas for help Friday in Mozambique as receding waters allowed them access to storm-stricken (...)

Museveni visits, Rugunda reassures country on hospitalized (...)

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is responding to treatment and making good (...)

MTN Uganda Advertises Positions of Deported Employees

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad (...)
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Nvidia GPUs for data science, analytics, and distributed machine (...)

Nvidia wants to extend the success of the GPU beyond graphics and deep learning to the full data science experience. Open source Python (...)

Tout savoir (ou presque) sur Stadia, le service de jeu en (...)

On en sait plus sur Stadia, le service de jeu en streaming de Google présenté lors de la très attendue keynote de la Game Developer (...)

Agriculture : l’Afrique aussi se tourne vers le numérique

Des start-up mettent à la disposition des agriculteurs du continent Noir, très connectés, des services en ligne avec, par exemple, des (...)

S'incarner dans un corps virtuel

Il est désormais (presque) possible de s’incarner de manière réaliste dans un corps virtuel. Une réalité qui ouvre notamment de nouveaux (...)

Produire des données pour la recherche en jouant aux zombies

La qualité des applications d’analyse des langues dépend très largement de la quantité et de la qualité des ressources langagières utilisées (...)

12 | 2018 – Enseignement(s) numérique(s) : entre utopie (...)

Ontologiquement, la pédagogie relève d’une aporie, elle-même fruit de la communication qui relie les individus entre eux sous la forme (...)

Editorial: tragédia anunciada, Idaí?

Nunca se está preparado para um Ciclone de categoria 4. A medida que as telecomunicações são restabelecidas é possível ver o terror (...)

Paul Kagame e João Lourenço reunidos em Luanda

O Presidente do Ruanda, Paul Kagame, termina esta quinta-feira uma visita de dois dias a Angola. Já se encontrou com o homólogo angolano, (...)

Ataque a tiro deixa um morto na Holanda

Um tiroteio num transporte público, conhecido como eléctrico, na cidade de Utrecht, na Holanda, deixou um morto e vários feridos na manhã (...)

Comemorações institucionalizadas e monstros da memória

Roberto Vecchi Como no dia da memória, o fracasso confirma que não será uma tecnicidade que salvará um passado definitivamente perdido, mas (...)

Governo provincial implementa novo modelo de recolha de resíduos (...)

Mbanza Kongo - Um novo modelo de recolha de resíduos sólidos nas cidades e vilas da província do Zaire será implementado nos próximos dias, (...)

Acordo pré-eleitoral entre 5 partidos na Guiné-Bissau

As eleições legislativas aproximam-se na Guiné-Bissau e começam a desenhar-se cenários de alianças e entendimentos entre partidos. Hoje, (...)

 Azgo Festival 2016

Azgo Festival 2016
AZGO is a festival of contemporary music, with a strong emphasis on the arts, culture and artists of Mozambique, the African continent and the world. Since 2011, AZGO invited artists from Cape (...)

 Maputo Reggae Slam 2015

Maputo Reggae Slam 2015
Maputo Reggae Slam 2ª Edição Maputo Reggae Slam e um Festival de musica Reggae, que junta varios artistas e bandas num so grande espectáculo. Este decorre nos jardins do CCFM com 2 palcos, um (...)

De Benalla aux "gilets jaunes", l'exécutif de (...)

La gestion, samedi, d'une nouvelle mobilisation des "gilets jaunes" aura valeur de test pour le gouvernement et (...)

Vol avec violence: Sky to Be le «repenti» blâme ses «ennemis»

En détention depuis le jeudi 7 mars, le chanteur Sky to Be devra patienter encore un peu. C’est le lundi 25 mars que le chanteur, accusé (...)

Les camionneurs menacent de faire une grève

Les camionneurs menacent de faire une grève à Ambohimangakely ce mercredi matin. La contradiction entre les textes régissant la (...)

Madagascar: le plasticien Joël Andrianomearisoa explique son (...)

A Madagascar, ce 16 février, le public de l’Institut français à Antananarivo a assisté à un événement tellement rare qu’il peut être souligné. (...)

Au coin du feu avec Ange Muyubira

Dans le Burundi traditionnel, le soir, au coin du feu, la famille réunie discutait librement. Tout le monde avait droit à la parole et (...)

RDC : Eugène Diomi Ndongala remis en liberté

Eugène Diomi Ndongala est libre. L’avocat du président du parti Démocratie chrétienne a confirmé à Radio Okapi la nouvelle ce jeudi 21 mars, (...)

RDC : Les États-Unis saluent la politique de Félix Tshisekedi, mais (...)

Le président de la République démocratique du Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, est entrain de gagner la confiance des États-Unis. Ces derniers sont (...)

Kitoko – Rurabo (Official Video)


Elections du 30 décembre 2018 : les Jeunes de l’ECIDE mettent en (...)

La coordination nationale de la ligue des Jeunes de l’Engagement Citoyen pour le Développement, ECIDE, n’est pas passée par quatre chemins (...)

Rwanda launches Hepatitis-C Virus Elimination Plan

Health Minister Dr. Gashumba and Mr Ira Magaziner, CEO of Clinton Health Access Initiative inaugurating the Hepatitis-C Virus (...)

Tough options for Ruto as 2022 succession contest jolts (...)

Internecine wars in Jubilee and the newfound comradeship between President Uhuru and NASA leader Raila have complicated 2022 succession (...)

Zambia bans ‘Viagra’ energy drink

BY BBC Power Natural High Energy Drink SX, which is made in Zambia, is not marketed as a sexual aid. But an investigation by Ugandan (...)

Shock, disbelief for family as boy’s hand amputated

Tanga. The family of Kilimangwiko Secondary School student Salim Richard, 14, of Pangani District was in shock and disbelief after (...)

Kenyan police probe fake cash racket at a bank

Detectives camp at a Barclays Bank branch in Nairobi.

Why some won't be celebrating Namibia's independence 29 (...)

Swapo remains the dominant party by far in Namibia. But it seems increasingly unable to live up to its promises.

Bonteheuwel Reeling After 17th Alleged Murder of 2019

[News24Wire] The community of Bonteheuwel in Cape Town is reeling from yet another murder in the suburb after a man's body was (...)

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