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Ciara, Russell Wilson officially open Why Not You Academy

  17/06 | Russell Wilson and Ciara are already a power couple due to their mutual accomplishments. But now they have a chance... View Article The (...)

Feel The Bern : Hillary Clinton Snubs Nina Turner And Endorses Rival Candidate Shontel (...)

  17/06 | Politics are not immune to pettiness. Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Shontel Brown for Ohio Congress was effectively a snub of (...)

Woman dragged by hair seen fighting in D.C. bar brawl ; lawyer claims self-defense

  17/06 | The Black woman who was captured on camera being dragged down a flight of steps at a popular gay bar... View Article The post Woman (...)

This Protege of Tyler Perry Now Helps Black Filmmakers Finance Their Films

  16/06 | Nationwide — Jon Gosier, Founder and CEO of FilmHedge, is being recognized for driving innovation in Atlanta, disrupting how finance, (...)

5 Officers Fired Over A Black Man’s Suspicious In-Custody Hanging Death

  16/06 | Five officers were fired on Monday in the wake of William Harvey's death after he was found unconscious with injuries to his neck (...)

Two Black Entrepreneurs Launch Free Webinar on How to Get Started in the Stock (...)

  16/06 | Nationwide — Two successful financial entrepreneurs specializing in overlooked investors will present a virtual webinar called “20 Things (...)
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