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Antoinette "Toni" Harris : Her Bright Football (...)

Nationwide — A multitude of news sources are predicting that she’ll become the first female NFL player. Antoinette “Toni” Harris, a (...)

Retired Veteran Handcuffed and Held At Gunpoint Moving into his (...)

While Karle Robinson, 61, of Kansas, was moving into his new home in August 2018, Tonganoxie police put him under arrest without (...)

Signage at an old Louisiana slave plantation removed after (...)

Officials from the Louisiana State Parks removed a misguided sign at an old slave plantation exhibit that read its enslaved inhabitants (...)

Cardi B won’t Face Charges for Fan Beatdown and Files Trademark (...)

Not only is the “Bodak Yellow” rapper trademarking one of her signature phrases, but she just escaped charges after a fan was beaten by (...)

23-Year Old Woman Killed in Tragic Accident During Spring (...)

Miami, FL — Mariah Michelle Logan, a 23-year old woman from Chicago, was tragically killed after being run over by a car in Miami Beach. (...)

City of San Francisco to Pay $13.1 Million to Man Framed By (...)

San Francisco, CA — Jamal Trulove, an African-American man who spent over 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, will receive (...)

Officer Indicted and Several Fired After Video Shows Them Beating (...)

Several officers can be seen in the video punching and kicking the suspect and putting a knee into the kid’s neck as he lies helplessly (...)

76-Year Old Woman Finds Out She's White After Growing Up (...)

Converse, TX — Verda Byrd, a 76-year old woman from Texas who was adopted by a Black family and raised believing that she too was (...)

Activist DeRay Mckesson Spoke to Artist Daniel Caeser After (...)

Canadian artist, Daniel Caeser faced a fiery backlash, this week after video of his controversial comments about black people’s (...)

Michael Jackson art exhibit opens in Germany even as abuse claims (...)

The show must and will go on. That’s the idea behind the Michael Jackson art exhibition opening in Germany amid the fallout from the (...)

Trump repeats claims that Democrats are ‘anti-Israel’ and (...)

The president’s remarks drew a swift rebuke from a Democratic Jewish group, which said he was treating Jews like “political (...)

Slate Spoiler Specials : Us

Dana Stevens and K. Austin Collins discuss Us, in spoiler-filled detail.

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