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Ugandans brace for the worst

  5/04 | On March 30, President Museveni announced the immediate shut down of all non-essential services and the

Fear and loathing in the time of COVID-19

  4/04 | Earlier this March, a video surfaced of a Greek coastguard boat shooting at and attempting to

Why xenophobia is bad for the health of all in South Africa

3/04 | There’s never a good time for xenophobia. But this is an especially bad time. We shouldn’t

In the back and in the side

3/04 | Each year on March 21 South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day, a national holiday. The date

Addressing a pandemic on a continental level

3/04 | When COVID-19 first hit western countries, health experts asked why it had not reached Africa despite

A Letter Unanswered

2/04 | To quote the biting words of Senegalese patriots on the maneuvers of their president, Senghor: “We

The necropolitics of COVID-19

2/04 | The first sentence of Achille Mbembe’s essay “Necropolitics” (2003) begins with the assertion that “the ultimate

A Brutal State of Affairs

1er/04 | The Rise and Fall of Rhodesia - by Dennis Malcolm Anderson, Henrik Ellert

Die Linie : Ethnografisches Feldtagebuch einer Namibia-Forschung im Jahr 1996

1er/04 | Ethnografisches Feldtagebuch einer Namibia-Forschung im Jahr 1996 - by Sonja Speeter-Blaudszun

La Republique des singes

1er/04 | by Jean-François Kouadio

Compendium of Employment and Labour Law in Nigeria

1er/04 | edited by Abubakar Sadiq Ogwuche

Keep the phones on

1er/04 | On the first morning of South Africa’s lockdown, a team of police officers and private security
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