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Long live Ruth First

At a memorial meeting for Ruth First, after she was assassinated on the streets of Maputo

Cake politics

Before the All Blacks-Springbok match in Wellington on Saturday, July 27th, a Checkers supermarket in Cape

Architectual resistance

The directions were standard for Accra. About five lines of intricate orientation followed by: “Then take

There is no Africa in African studies

There is no Africa in African Studies. This has become apparent with the year we spent

Okocha, love you. Pass Maradona !

I know Jay Jay, the real Jay Jay. Unlike pop singer (and aspirant politician) Banky W,

Beyond game day

Ultras or fanatical football fans’ activities have always overlapped between football, social and political demands. Such

Kwame Nkrumah&#8217 ;s Cold War

After years of request, the British government at long last released its MI5 files on Kwame

The ghost battalion

The force that drove recent protests in Sudan, known as Tajamoo al-mihanyin al-sudaniyin or the Sudanese

The age of the influencer

Let’s face it. Social media is built for show offs. People who feel no way about

Fathers of the nation

Nelson Mandela, the first black and democratically elected president of South Africa, lived a thoroughly narrativized

The role of diaspora in revolution

The uprising that toppled Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir on April 11 is unique in that it

The manifestation of climate injustice

Quarry Road West informal settlement is located in the urban core of Durban in South Africa.
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