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Make Ghana pan-African again

  21/09 | The 8 minute, 46 second cell phone video shot by a bystander of George Floyd’s murder

Nkrumah&#8217 ;s legacy on AIAC Talk

  21/09 | Last week on AIAC Talk we inaugurated our livestream series with a show about the politics

Structural adjustment comes home

18/09 | Who says structural adjustment programs are just for poor countries? In April, as the COVID-19 pandemic

The rising lakes of the Rift Valley

18/09 | It was an easy Wednesday morning when the phone call came in. I was seated in

Eritrea’s deteriorating state

17/09 | The Government Response Stringency index (GRSI) is a composite score developed by researchers at Oxford University,

What Chinese people eat

16/09 | In pre-colonial Africa, before the Berlin conference that led to the “Scramble for Africa” among European

Introducing &#8216 ;AIAC Talk&#8217 ;

16/09 | After a brief publishing break, Africa Is a Country is back and proud to announce the

After the monuments have been removed

16/09 | As interesting and necessary as it may be, it seems to me that the current critique

The culture wars are a distraction

16/09 | Almost six months ago, South Africa entered into a lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Challenging notions of whiteness in South Africa

16/09 | Since 2015, mass student protests have made the narrative of the “new South Africa” impossible to

Ibadan, Soutin and the Puzzle of Bower’s Tower

15/09 | The jingle would survive the event, as the poetry of a battle-cry outlives a war, but that eventuality belonged in the future. The post (...)

Where Terror Lies

15/09 | The rhetoric of ‘radical’ and ‘fundamentalist’ Islam, of ‘global jihad’ and ‘terror’ is, ironically, historical and recoverable from the (...)
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