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Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique News Maputo "Club of Mozambique is the entryway into Mozambique for prospective investors, businesspersons, donors, and tourists providing an information portal on the many (...)

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EAC partner states face suit over defaults

Does their failure to remit contributions show a lack of commitment?

Wonderkid Fati : From African suburb to Barcelona's Camp Nou

Ansu Fati has made a long trip from the fields of Guinea-Bissau, where he played as a child, to Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium where the 16-year-old is playing with some of the biggest stars in (...)

Poet launches liberation struggle collection

CANADA-BASED Zimbabwean poet, Mandipa Shumba, has launched her second poetry collection, Legends with Dreams, which she says was inspired by stories of the country’s liberation struggle. The post (...)

More taxes for beer, cigarettes and cars

Kenyans may have to dig even deeper into their pockets as MPs seek to raise Sh4.6 billion in excise duty

Quality higher education means more than learning how to work

Higher education needs to do more than produce graduates who can get a job. It should also give students opportunities and a voice when it comes to participating in the economy and broader (...)

Religious unrest in Mozambique – in pictures

Next week Pope Francis is due to visit northern Mozambique, an area devastated by cyclones and riven by an Islamist insurgency. The photographer Marco Longari filed these images from the region (...)

Evicted Families in Nigel Moved to Dilapidated Church

[GroundUp] Ten of the 35 families evicted from a building behind Home Affairs in Nigel, who spent a week sleeping in the open, have been moved by the municipality to a deserted church on the R51 (...)

The health science missing in Rwanda, South Africa

The next step for how science can boost healthcare in Africa is ‘implementation science’ — working out how best to apply research findings and provide services — according to Rwanda’s former Minister (...)

Hawks probe multi-million-rand land scandal in Limpopo

The Hawks are investigating a multi-million-rand land scandal in Burgersfort, Limpopo.

Legal rhino horn and ivory trade should benefit Africa, says Swaziland government

As talks about a complete ban on both the international and domestic markets heat up, the Swaziland government accuses western NGOs of being ‘armchair preservationists’ The government of Swaziland (...)

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Al-Shabab attack at Dusit complex in Nairobi, Kenya

al-Shabab claimed the attack
Al-Shabab attack at Dusit complex in Nairobi, Kenya

Al-Shabab attack at Dusit complex in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya : au moins 15 morts dans l’attaque djihadiste à Nairobi (16/01/2019) Le Parisien “The Inspector-General Joseph Boinett said that at about 3pm, a group of assailants attacked the DusitD2 (...)
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