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Agritools.og "Agritools is a journalistic research project that aims to understand the real effects of the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in the field of agriculture, (...)


African Media Initiative "The role of the private and independent media in Africa has changed dramatically in the past two decades as democracy and economic reform have taken root. Increasingly, (...)


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Why cyber gangs won't worry about US-Russia talks

  16/06 | Plans to tackle ransomware hackers starts on shaky ground with a disagreement over who is responsible.

92% of IT leaders comfortable with business users using low-code tools

  16/06 | A survey of IT leaders reveals that innovation is at risk as IT demands rise. However, IT leaders view business-led low-code/no-code (...)

Ghana’s fintech industry observes International Day of Family Remittance

  16/06 |

Walmart to offer customers a digital COVID-19 vaccine record

  16/06 | Walmart’s tool will allow people to print out and share proof of their COVID-19 vaccination.

Jumia va investir 590 millions de dollars en Afrique

  16/06 | L’article Jumia va investir 590 millions de dollars en Afrique est apparu en premier sur AITN. Hesham Safwat, CEO de Jumia Egypt, a fait (...)

Draft water strategy : The African Development Bank Group invites external stakeholders’ (...)

  16/06 | The African Development Bank Group is delighted to share its draft Water Strategy for your kind review and comments. The Bank’s Board of (...)

Sustainable and Responsible Finance

  16/06 | What: Webinar Who: The African Development Bank’s Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) Partnership, European Investment Bank & the (...)

MTN choisit des partenaires pour étendre le réseau mobile OpenRAN en Afrique

  16/06 | L’article MTN choisit des partenaires pour étendre le réseau mobile OpenRAN en Afrique est apparu en premier sur AITN. D’ici la fin de (...)

Lina Khan : The 32-year-old taking on Big Tech

  16/06 | The new Federal Trade Commission chair has Big Tech in her sights.

Standard Bank Partners with Microsoft to Boost Innovation and Drive Growth in (...)

  16/06 | Yesterday, Standard Bank and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the digital transformation of Africa’s largest (...)

Windows 10 is Being Retired – What We Know About Windows 11

  16/06 | Windows 10 Home and Pro are set to be retired on 14 October 2025, no doubt as a harbinger to the launch of Windows 11. Pro Educations (...)

NCC Begins Review of 20 years Old Telecoms License Structure

  16/06 |

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IMG: MozTech 2015 MozTech é a primeira feira de tecnologias de informação e comunicação em Moçambique. A mesma pretende oferecer aos moçambicanos um novo olhar sobre o futuro : o (...)
IMG: Suwedi Mediarezo Suwedi est une agence de création de sites internet et de contenus. est également un "Mediarezo". Encore en phase de test, il référencera de (...)
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