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Microsoft remains most imitated brand for phishing

  16/04 | Check Point highlights the leading brands that hackers imitate to lure people into giving up personal data.

3 Cybersecurity Challenges Triggered by COVID-19 Lockdown

  16/04 | The global COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the everyday operations of businesses and as a result, the cyber risk still remains a grave (...)

Acer Africa pins hopes on Google cable for Chrome Enterprise growth

  16/04 | The multinational PC corporation believes Google's Equiano cable project will fuel more demand for its Chrome Enterprise portfolio (...)

Calls for Safaricom to Share Telco Infrastructure by Kenya Competition Authority

  16/04 | The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has approached Parliament with new laws that would require the country’s telco’s – mainly (...)

2 300 km optic fiber network completed in DRC

  16/04 |

What are cost-savvy CIOs doing today to reduce expenses ?

  16/04 | In today’s tough economic climate, agile CIOs are turning to professionally-refurbished computing devices as a cost-effective option (...)

How Companies Should Deal with the Threat of Cybercrime

  16/04 | Cybercrime is on the rise and South African C-suites would do well to ensure that they have up-to-date and appropriately resourced (...)

COVID-19 vaccine WhatsApp registration in the works

  16/04 | The national Department of Health will soon provide a WhatsApp service for citizens to register for their COVID-19 vaccine, says health (...)

Irate iCE3X clients plot legal action over missing Bitcoins

  16/04 | The crypto traders believe there is collusion, as there has been no meaningful communication about the liquidation of one of the oldest (...)

African Legal Support Facility : Governing board lauds Covid-19 support to (...)

  16/04 | The governing board of the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) has met to review its progress over the past year, noting its strong (...)

AYO seeks interdict to stop FNB from closing bank accounts

  16/04 | The company says without banking services, it will not be able to pay 1 200 employees, or procure critical risk management services for (...)

South African Businesses Adopted Hybrid Cloud at An Increasing Rate In 2020

  16/04 | Nutanix, a leader in private cloud, hybrid, and multicloud computing, has released the local data from its third global Enterprise (...)

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