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Facebook says preferential data access was with user (...)

The New York Times says Facebook allowed Netflix and Spotify the ability to read users' private mess...

SASSA sets final deadline on old payment cards

SASSA says about 370 000 beneficiaries have yet to swap from old payment cards. The South African So...

African Development Fund Board approves US$149 million credit (...)


Huawei to spend $2bn over five years in cyber security (...)

Huawei welcomed international journalists into its new campus in China this week. Huawei Technologie...

Facebook's COO cites need to do more after reports of Russia (...)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg said on Tuesday the company needs to st...

Sestek Speech Analytics Scores the Highest Overall Vendor (...)

Sestek today announced that it was recognized for getting the highest overall vendor satisfaction rating from customers in DMG (...)

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Privacy no more : How machine learning in the cloud will strip us (...)

The combination of IoT sensors and data lakes become a powerful tool for pattern analysis, but has serious privacy implications for the (...)

Facebook defends giving tech giants access to extensive user (...)

In a story which unfortunately just keeps giving, Facebook has yet again awarded us with a privacy scandal worthy of (...)

Watch researchers remotely brick a server by corrupting its BMC (...)

Attack is only a proof-of-concept, but one that can be as damaging as ransomware or disk-wiping malware.

'A very, very bad thing' : This is what a no-deal Brexit (...)

Tech companies are worried about data flows, staffing and investment in the event of a no-deal departure from (...)

Paradigm shift : Can anyone be a robotics programmer with (...)

One company's quest to democratize robotics integration by taking programmers out of the loop.

New 4G and 5G spectrum auction aims to fix rural mobile (...)

Nearly half of all rural homes have access to poor or no mobile coverage.

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