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AWS re:Invent 2019 Postmortem : Introducing Cassandra and bringing ML to Aurora

AWS unveiled a large number of database announcements last week. Among them, a new service that could shake up the Apache Cassandra market, and bringing ML to (...)

Gmail : To save sending a bunch of emails, you can now forward them as attachments

Google offers a better way to forward multiple email messages in Gmail.

IBM's latest supercomputer will be used... to build even more computers

AiMOS, the 24th most powerful supercomputer worldwide, was recently unveiled at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Its main job? To find out how to build smarter hardware to support ever-more (...)

Robotic exoskeletons : Coming to a factory, warehouse or army near you, soon

Robotic exoskeletons, from single-joint systems to full-body kits, are beginning to be deployed across industry and the military.

Google Maps Incognito Mode rolled out for Apple iOS

iOS users will be able to take advantage of the privacy feature already available on Android handsets.

NordVPN launches promised bug bounty program

NordVPN was galvanized into action after an attacker compromised one of its servers.

How to implement quantum computing in your organisation

Quantum computing exists in a realm where the normal laws of physics do not apply, using qubits instead of binary to deliver unprecedented processing power, and as such potentially limitless (...)

Too many Google Chrome tabs open ? Here are tips on how to take back control (...)

Do you have too many tabs open in your Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop? Don't worry, help is at hand!

Technology firm, Altron to seal R360m Ubusha Technologies deal

In a deal said to be worth R360 million, Technology company Altron announced on Monday, 9 December 2019, that it acquired Ubusha Technologies, an identity security firm. While the acquisition has (...)

Informatica aims to better track data lineage with AI-powered data catalog

Among Informatica's new features, its AI-powered data catalog, called Catalog of Catalogs is notable because it is trying to track data lineage across (...)

Vodacom and Mara Phones bring locally-built devices to South Africans

South African network provider, Vodacom announced this week that it would now offer locally manufactured smartphones to consumers, thanks to its new partnership with Mara Phones. Mara Phones, a (...)

Data to become increasingly important in 2020

Data is only becoming increasingly important for business success, while also getting more challenging to manage.
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