Trevor Noah on What Democratic Candidates Gain by Going on Fox (...)

Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders were both applauded on the president's favorite network.

The Whitney Houston of the 3D Hologram Tour Will Be Neither 3D (...)

A look at the latest dead-singer hologram tour technology.

Measles Had Been Eliminated. Now It’s Nearly a Daily Threat

The US declared measles eliminated in 2000, but it could lose that status in September—entering a darker era of heightened infectious (...)

Trump abruptly ends infrastructure meeting with Democrats after (...)

The president delivered remarks in the Rose Garden, angrily pushing back on the House speaker’s comments.

The Premise of Joe Biden’s Campaign Is That Every Left-Wing (...)

Uncle Joe is ignoring a decade's worth of intra-party soul-searching and going with his gut.

Logan Broadbent Shows Us How to Throw a Boomerang Like a (...)

A world champion thrower explains how a boomerang flies, and how to augment its performance.

Club of Mozambique

Club of Mozambique News Maputo "Club of Mozambique is the entryway into Mozambique for prospective investors, businesspersons, (...)

Ex-minister among five killed in Mogadishu car bomb

Officials say 11 people were wounded in the attack.

How TZ is battling fall armyworms

Dar es Salaam. The Tropical Pesticide Research Institute (TPRI) has come up with a technology that is specifically meant to control the (...)

Week of mourning as four top public figures pass on

Dar es Salaam. It has been a week of sorrow in in the country after four high profile figures died, sending the nation into (...)

Create plastic bags dump sites, authorities ordered

Dar es Salaam. Public dump sites for plastic bags should be created as the ban on their use approaches, the government has (...)

TTCL reveals why it needs Sh1.7 trillion

Dar es Salaam. State-owned telco, Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL), needs Sh1.77 trillion in capital injection to fund (...)

LHRC : 385 killed in mob violence

Dar es Salaam. An average of 65 people were killed by angry mobs each month accross mainland Tanzania from January to June last year, (...)

Articles référencés

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Russia condemns 'US ultimatum' to Turkey over S-400 (...)

Moscow denounces reported US sanctions threat towards Ankara over its intention to buy Russia's missile defence (...)

US : Police probe whether transgender women’s deaths (...)

Police in Texas investigating whether the murders of two black transgender women are connected.

US House Speaker Pelosi says Trump is engaged in a 'cover-up'

Pelosi also urges patience as more Democrats call on House leadership to start impeachment proceedings against (...)

Theresa May under pressure to resign over latest Brexit (...)

The British prime minister faces increasingly vocal opposition to her leadership.

Deadly protests continue in Indonesia after Jokowi's election (...)

Hundreds also wounded as protests erupt for a second day across Jakarta after incumbent Jokowi was confirmed (...)

Survivors : Inside Sierra Leone's Ebola epidemic

An intimate look at the fight to contain the 2014 Ebola outbreak through the lives of three Sierra Leoneans.

Cleaning up corruption in Malaysia goes beyond Najib

Former PM Najib Razak has become a poster boy for corruption in Malaysia but he is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Viral Threat : Measles and Misinformation

We examine how misinformation about vaccines has led to the return of measles as the US battles to contain (...)

US House intel panel delays subpoena against Barr after DOJ (...)

Committee chairman says Justice Department has agreed to hand over materials related to Russia election interference.

India set to count votes after marathon general elections

More than 67 percent of 900 million eligible voters cast their ballot to send 542 members to Lok Sabha.

Kushner's squeeze play on Jordan's King Abdullah

Trump's son-in-law will likely use Jordan's economic and water crises to force the king to accept the 'ultimate (...)

China’s Hikvision says it takes US rights concerns 'seriously

Hikvision has been accused of supplying public surveillance equipment to the Chinese government to monitor (...)


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