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Post-School Education Ready to Receive First Time Entrants

  25/02 | [] Higher Education, Science and Innovation Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, says the Post-School Education and Training (...)

Mayambala writes to Supreme Court to take over Bobi Wine petition

  25/02 | Presidential candidate in the just concluded 2021 elections, Willy Mayambala has written to the Supreme Court expressing interest in (...)

Trump was tough on federal workers. Now Democrats are pushing a counteroffensive.

  25/02 | A fire-feds-faster ethos remains central to Republican policies on the federal workforce.

Biden, facing resistance in Congress, approaches GOP governors

  25/02 | Biden is spending at least as much time courting Republican governors as he is wooing the senators he needs to pass legislation in (...)

Help ! My Husband Blames Me for His Chocolate Addiction.

  25/02 | I’m contemplating locking up my stash.

Ask a Teacher : Teachers Keep Telling Me My Stepdaughter Would Be Better Off With Her (...)

  25/02 | How can I get her teacher to stop making these comments?

Mejja’s latest hit ‘Siskii’ already making international rounds

  25/02 | Fans are thrilled about the debut of ‘Siskii’ at an American basketball match. Mejja has reminded us of how much of a storyteller he is (...)

The Mexican Elites Who Are Traveling to the U.S. to Get Vaccinated

  25/02 | Ethics, nationalism, and diplomacy throw this phenomenon into murky territory.

ODM extends deadline for candidates seeking presidential ticket

  25/02 | The deadline for the submission of application has been extended from February 26 to March 31, 2021.

ODM extends deadline for party’s presidential applications

  25/02 | The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)has extended the deadline for the submission of presidential applications from 26th February to (...)

A fire exchange between security personnel and Kapchorwa’s notorious criminal leaves one dead, 3 (...)

  25/02 | Gunshots rocked Kapchorwa as security forces engulfed the hide of one Kapchekweko Musau an alleged “notorious” criminal who has been on (...)

GIZ and Orange launch an Orange Digital Center in Ethiopia, the 3rd in the Africa and Middle (...)

  25/02 | Today, GIZ, (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Orange (, the Ministry of Innovation and (...)

Four deaths recorded as 105 Covid-19 infections confirmed

22/02 | Four deaths recorded as 105 Covid-19 infections confirmed from a sample size of 3,573 tested in the last 24 (...)

Without Money to Rebuild Their Shacks, Khayelitsha Fire Victims Are Living in (...)

9/02 | [GroundUp] "Sometimes they have gas but no food. Other times they have food but no gas."

ALLIANCE ANTICS : DRC President Félix Tshisekedi knocks Joseph Kabila off his (...)

8/02 | But will Tshisekedi just replace the snouts at the trough – or use his power to effect real change in DRC’s corrupt (...)

DAYS OF ZONDO : State Capture Commission to lay criminal complaint against Jacob (...)

2/02 | The Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture is calling Jacob Zuma’s bluff and has come out guns blazing against the (...)

Lindiwe Ndlovu Was a Woman of Valour and Vitality

25/01 | [New Frame] The popular South African TV and film actress who practised her craft with dedication and integrity died suddenly while (...)

DM168 Investigation : Arms caches could be buried all over South Africa by freedom fighters and (...)

23/01 | The stashes of weapons, the stories go, were to be used when either side felt the time was right to go ahead with a (...)

Newsdeck : Putin Critic Navalny Detained on Return to Moscow

17/01 | Russian police detained opposition leader Alexey Navalny, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, as he arrived in Moscow (...)

Newsdeck : Democrats win one Georgia runoff and lead in second, moving closer to U.S. Senate (...)

6/01 | ATLANTA, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Democrats won one hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Georgia on Wednesday and pulled ahead in a second, (...)

MAVERICK CITIZEN OP-ED : Uganda cannot hold free and fair elections under the selective and (...)

5/01 | Next week, on 14 January, Uganda holds a general election. In recent weeks, the election campaign has been marred by police killings of (...)

Why Is Murder Once Again Stalking Glebelands Hostel ?

29/12 | [Daily Maverick] It has been three years since the arrest of the Glebelands Eight, the Umlazi hostel's alleged hit squad led by (...)

Wole Soyinka delivers the Long walk to Mandeland lecture

22/09 | Renowned Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka has opened his inaugural public lecture at the University of Johannesburg.

Clean up in KZN after gale force winds wreak havoc

17/09 | A massive clean-up is underway in some of the areas affected by the gale force winds that swept through some parts of KwaZulu-Natal on (...)

Why Didn’t Speaker Pelosi Want Witnesses ?

22/02 | Democratic leaders told the House managers to huddle privately with Trump’s defense lawyers to strike a deal. They did. They would place (...)

N.C. couple charged with murder of pregnant woman found in suitcase

13/02 | Two people have been arrested in the case involving a pregnant woman found in a suitcase. Brittany Simone Smith was reported... View (...)

Brett Favre needs to stop counting NFL star DeShaun Watson’s coins

5/02 | You don’t have to know a lot about NFL quarterback DeShaun Watson, or the Houston Texans — or even the... View Article The post Brett (...)

Black troops encouraged Lloyd Austin will fulfill vow to ‘rid our ranks of racists and (...)

3/02 | Jason Smedley remembers the pain of his 2000 attack by lower-ranking Marines during a training exercise he led as a... View Article The (...)

Anti-vaxxers disrupt Dodger Stadium vaccination program

31/01 | Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles became one of the largest coronavirus vaccination sites in the U.S. when an inoculation program... View (...)

Trump supporter charged for spitting, coughing on Black Lives Matter protester

18/01 | A Trump supporter in Massachusetts who spit and coughed on a Black man in December has been charged with assault... View Article The (...)

Jacob Chansley, the rioter wearing face paint, is now facing federal charges

10/01 | According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Jacob Anthony Chansley also known as “Jake Angeli,” the man in viral photos and... View Article (...)

Chris Webber developing ‘Fab Five’ limited TV series

8/01 | Chris Webber is telling his version of the famed Michigan Fab Five basketball squad. The NBA star turned broadcaster is... View Article (...)

Giuliani asked senator to block vote count in newly released phone recording

7/01 | In two days of stunning developments, another shocking story is emerging from the administration of President Donald Trump. Rudy (...)

These Black creatives dominated digital spaces in quarantine 2020

31/12 | It was March 13, 2020, a Friday many of us will eerily remember for years to come. The United States... View Article The post These (...)

Mary J. Blige : I’d rather be single than make ‘same mistakes over and over again’

30/12 | The end of the year can be a reflective time for many people, and Mary J. Blige, as one of... View Article The post Mary J. Blige: I’d (...)

Tiffany Haddish says she loves Common for not trying to dim her light

28/12 | Tiffany Haddish’s connection with Common is one that she has never had before. In an interview with People, Haddish says... View Article (...)

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