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Name Hospital After Shein, Rep Proposes

  6/06 | [Daily News] HEALTH Minister Hamad Rashid Mohamed has asked the House of Representatives to approve the renaming of envisaged Binguni (...)

Mpango - Population Growth Isn't a Threat

  6/06 | [Daily News] FINANCE and Planning Minister Dr Phillip Mpango has urged the general public not to worry about the prospect of a (...)

Shades of brutality : students’ experience at the hands of teachers

  6/06 | The last two weeks have seen the world coming together in condemning acts of police brutality and racism, following the death of George (...)

Cabin safety measures in focus as flights resume

  6/06 | The fear of being infected by the new coronavirus aboard aircraft remains a major concern among travellers as countries, including (...)

Tanzanie : John Magufuli dénonce des statistiques trafiquées sur le coronavirus

4/05 | Le président tanzanien John Magufuli a publiquement mis en doute dimanche les données officielles du coronavirus dans son pays, appelant (...)

Mohammed Dewji, itinéraire d'un businessman aguerri

8/04 | Après son enlèvement, en octobre 2018, l'homme d'affaires tanzanien Mohammed Dewji déclare vouloir " se recentrer " sur (...)
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