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Private hospitals to discuss fees for supply of blood

But the private hospitals said they are open to discussions

Busiika victims sue FMU for Shs239m

They are demanding Sh150m for the 19-year-old boy who died on the spot and Sh89m as compensation for the injured (...)

CAA to ban aircrafts over carbon emissions

It is now a requirement under CORSIA for countries and airlines operating international flights to implement the monitoring, reporting (...)

Speed up Free Trade Area pact, Kyambadde tells African (...)

Ms Kyambadde reminded her counterparts about the solemn promise they made to the 1.2 billion people at the Kigali meeting and added “but (...)

Kaddu 3 Paidha 0

KCCA thus smiled back to the locker-rooms for the mandatory half time break with a three goal cushion

Negotiate extension of Umeme concession, Museveni directs

It is not clear when the negotiations on a post-2025 concession will commence

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